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Skill Development

Analytical Thinking Program

Objective : To develop levels of Strategic Thinking and challenge participants to think outside the box to ensure genuine business benefits are realized.

What the program teaches ?

  • What is Analytical Thinking ?
  • Analytical Thinking techniques
  • Information search & Environment analysis
  • Establishing success criteria
  • Strategic review to determine ‘where are we now’ ?
  • Deriving decisions based on data
  • Communicating Strategy
  • Avoiding/Overcoming resistance

Building Trust And Resolving Conflict

Key takeaways :

  • Understand the value of having trust in a team.
  • Understand the connection of Team Building and Trust.
  • Understand the definition of conflict and how to recognize the factors that lead to managing this conflict and when they cannot be managed at all.
  • How personal preferences influences conflict resolution .
  • Learn the cost of not managing conflict.
  • Seeing the various conflict management methodologies.
  • Learn how to build trust among subordinates, team members and other stakeholders

Communication Skills Programs

Objectives :

  • The importance of Communicating Appropriately: Verbal and Non-Verbal
  • The 4 Dimensions of Communications
  • Authentic Speaking
  • Resonant Listening
  • Curiously Questioning
  • Intuition / Silence
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Written communication skills.
  • Action Planning.

Conflict Management Skills

What does the program teach ?

  • Understanding Conflict and its Nature
  • Role of Perception in Conflict Creation
  • Taking a Questionnaire on Conflict Management Style
  • Understanding and Recognizing your Preferred Conflict Management Style
  • Knowing the Causes that create Conflict
  • Recognizing that there are many Conflict Management Styles
  • Using the Appropriate Conflict Management Strategy to the relevant Situation
  • 'Letting Go’ and ‘Communication skills’ are important tools in resolving conflict
  • Action Planning.

Interview Skills Program

Objective :

To enable you to select the right talent through practicing effective interviewing techniques.

Course Outline:

  • Choosing the Right People for the Role / Job.
  • Knowing and Understanding the Basics of the Interviewing Process and its Key requirements.
  • Interviewing Techniques and its application.
  • Developing effective interview skills in alignment with job requirements and selection criteria.
  • Interviewing skills and techniques including Curious Questioning, Resonant Listening, The importance of Silence in an Interview, Non Verbal Communication, etc.

Mentoring Program

Objective :

  • To get to know the Mentors and understand their mindset and approach towards Mentoring.
  • To deeply understand how each mentor is currently supporting their FTM'S, and also note their strengths and their challenges.
  • To enable the Mentor with a framework for mentoring, the rules of engagement between the Mentor and the Coach and its benefits.
  • Building trustworthiness for the mentoring process.
  • Supporting the Mentor to create sustainable action plans for Self Development beyond the Mentoring Process.

Benefits :

  • FTM’s receive timely support from the Mentor, and deliver results as per organisation and management expectations.
  • Mentor will develop the appropriate skills and techniques within self, that are important for effective Mentoring conversations.
  • FTM’s receive appropriate, timely, balanced and constructive feedback regarding the project from the mentor.
  • The confidence of the mentor is built and they are able to appreciate the benefits of using a consistent approach to mentoring.

Personal Excellence Program

Why we recommend it ?

At the end of this Program, participants will be able to :

  • Identify self-limiting beliefs and develop a positive attitude
  • Attain skills and attitudes required for personal effectiveness
  • Being Responsible and Proactive
  • Importance of Communication Skills in personal excellence
  • Walking the Talk & Personal Commitments
  • Action plan for continuous learning and self-development

What does the program teach ?

  • Understanding personal excellence
  • Identifying individual blocks to personal excellence
  • Developing attitudes for excellence
  • Communication skills
  • Managing time and setting priorities
  • Evolving a personal vision for your life
  • Action planning

Persuasion And Influence

Benefits :

  • Be able to persuade and Influence different people, using the Key Principles within the program.
  • Become adept at persuading and influencing the most resistant stakeholders and customers.
  • Be able to imbibe clear Skills and Techniques that will help enhance productivity within the teams.
  • Knowing how to achieve cooperation, and create consensus even when it seems difficult.
  • Learning to manage the self and others to achieve their potential through application of superior influencing / persuasion skills.

Objective :

This program will provide individuals with Important Concepts and the associated Tools and Techniques to Influence and Be Persuasive.

Problem Solving Skills

What the program teaches ?

  • Deepening our understanding of the nature of a Problem
  • Understanding the issue of Perception
  • What is Responsibility ?
  • Task vs. Relationship
  • What is creative thinking ?
  • Defining and distinguishing creativity and problem solving
  • Taking a structured approach to solving problems
  • Creating the time and space at work for creative thinking
  • Assessing the feasibility of your idea before selling that idea to others
  • Creating an action plan for problem solving and decision making.

Takeaways for the participants:

  • Define and distinguish problem solving and Decision Making.
  • Identify the two main types of thinking and their role in problem solving
  • Identify the key requirements of generating ideas
  • Apply different techniques to problem solving
  • Understand Creative Decision Making and its impact to the success of the Organization
  • Identify Stages in Problem solving and Decision Making
  • Understand the role of Responsibility and Ownership in Problem Solving and Decision Making.

Time Management And Prioritization Program


  • How to Prioritize and seeing the connection of Prioritization with Responsibility and Ownership
  • Keeping a track of time spent, identifying and removing time wasters.
  • Accepting and Delegating items that need to be, Not Accepting more while always pushing self to achieve more.
  • Controlling vs. Influencing
  • Knowing that Non-Controllable items will always get added to your to-do list, and how to manage them.
  • Being Outcome Oriented and focusing on Key Priorities within a Given Timeframe
  • Creating Action Plans and seeing them through.

Benefits :

  • Basic concepts of Time Management
  • Being Responsible and taking Ownership
  • Tools & Techniques for Managing Time
  • Organizing & Planning
  • Delegating Effectively.

Train The Trainer/ Facilitation Skill Program :

Objectives of the program :

  • Understand the qualities of an effective trainer / facilitator
  • Understand the full Training Cycle
  • Learn skills of group facilitation
  • Conduct Effective Training sessions

What you will learn ?

Through the three days, participants will learn the following :

  • Discover & Develop Comfort and Confidence in front of an Audience
  • Develop the Skills & Competencies required for a Trainer
  • An Understanding of Group (audience) Dynamics
  • The relevance of communications skills in the domain of training / learning
  • Handling Cynicism, Fear and Resistance
  • Creating Energy in The Training Room
  • Effective use of training methodologies
  • Using Your Personal Strengths to Your Advantage in the Training Room

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