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Leadership Development

Journey Of Self Discovery

Methodology- To help participants, discover traits and facets about themselves, we use the Myers Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI).

Key Takeaways from MBTI Module :

  • To suggest ways of accessing parts of personality that are not natural but may be necessary in the leadership.
  • To help participants understand the personality styles of thereby make more effective use of their strengths
  • To develop an action plan for skill development
  • Positively Enhances Team Bonding and Interpersonal Dynamics

Emerging Leaders Program

What does the program do ?

The program objective is to influence individuals to imbibe the role in its spirit, and to be able to acquire specific People Management Skills that are critical for their success in the new role.

Benefits of the course :

  • Being able to manage performance of self and others,
  • Experience the impact of Communication on results
  • To help participants make more effective leadership decisions
  • To develop an action plan for skill development
  • To be an effective communicator within the team.

Strategic Thinking And Execution Excellence.

What does the program do ?

To understand the strategic thinking process and to equip participants with tools and techniques, this will enable them to develop strategic business plans.

Visioning Towards Greatness

What does the program do ?

  • Getting to know each other and bonding as a team
  • Creating Strategies that will sustain momentum to achieve Vision
  • Creating Specific Action plans for self and team to achieve the vision of the organization. Contents:
  • Unblocking exercises for liberating potential
  • MBTI profiling of the team
  • Feedback to each other and removal of hot-spots.
  • Embedding the concept of teaming and collaboration.

Stakeholder Management

What the program does ?

Stakeholder management supports an organization's strategic objectives by interpreting and influencing both the external and internal environments and by creating positive relationships with stakeholders through the appropriate management of their expectations and agreed objectives

Key Concepts :

  • Who are stakeholders ?
    And their Importance within the Organization.
  • The various Stakeholder categories
  • The role of key stakeholders to the External and internal business environment
  • Stakeholder identification : Process and Method of Identifying Stakeholders
  • Why do stakeholders matter ?
  • Understanding stakeholder expectations.

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