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Team Management

Leading High Performance Teams

Objective :

This program will allow you to :

  • Achieve success through understanding key traits / skills required for being effective with people and teams.
  • Enhance interpersonal skills that allow you to develop the best strategies for influencing and motivating people, as well as confronting problems effectively.
  • Develop Problem Solving Skills –To look at Key skills required for effectively resolving conflict.
  • Focus on the areas where interaction with others is key, showcasing effective Interpersonal Skills.

Collaboration For Success

What does the program do ?

Our Team Building Program allows participants and teams within an organization to see the power of Collaboration, and thereby work towards being a cohesive force. This program will deliver increased productivity, and better engaged individuals for the organization, thereby yielding better results.

Objectives :

  • Appreciate the role of people and the related dynamics as a key component in delivering the desired objectives
  • Experience the impact of Communication on results
  • Differentiation between Task and Objectives
  • Inculcating the attitude of seeking challenges and exploring new avenues & to enable out of box thinking and effective decision making
  • Attitudes that build team work
  • Trust and Honesty – baseline of a good team

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